About Us

The Inspiration

The inspiration for our company dates back to 1786, shortly after the first golf clubs and balls were delivered to a group of Scotsmen in Charleston, South Carolina. This small but eclectic group is believed to have played the first round of golf in the Americas at Harleston Green park, a “course” located between Calhoun and Beaufain streets on the downtown peninsula in Charleston.

Over 234 years later, in April of 2020, Harlestons was founded with the idea to combine luxury, Lowcountry living, and performance apparel for today’s modern gentleman. Although we would never have dreamed our launch would coincide with the biggest health crises of this millennium, what we truly didn’t anticipate was the overwhelmingly favorable response to our brand from around the globe – attracting the attention of the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and PGA Magazine.

Dressing Well is a Form of Good Manners

On the course and particularly in the South, we believe that dressing well is a form of good manners and should not come at the expense of comfort and quality. In fact, when we launched Harlestons, our goal was to educate the marketplace that there is a way to deliver on trends within the industry without compromising sophistication, fit, and durability.

In fact, to truly be a lifestyle brand, we believe that you must think about the actual lifestyle of your customer. In our case, the Harlestons' customer is pivoting back and forth between the c-suite and the course at least once a week. This reason among many others is why our contemporary twist on classic closet staples is helping reposition the game of golf once again to a gentleman’s sport.

More Than Just a Direction

The South isn’t just a directional point of reference, it’s a style of living. From the coastal climate to the psychology of color, to defining moments in our nation’s history, the magic of the most beautiful city in America for 10 years running is threaded into every detail of the Harlestons' brand.

With features like our crisp collars, tag-less merchandise, subtle logo placement, and water-resistant shorts, we believe we have found the perfect blend of both form and function. With that said, we recognize that we must deliver what the people want so if you have ideas, send them our way! We actually do read every email.

Thank you to all of our hundreds of country clubs and resorts carrying Harlestons and all of our customers for supporting our dreams.

We appreciate every single one of you!

—Weston Mallon & Cason Hund