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Inspired by the Birthplace of American Golf

The inspiration for our company dates back to 1786. A group of pioneers is believed to have played the first round of golf in the Americas at Harleston Green Park, a “course” located between Calhoun and Beaufain Street in downtown Charleston.

Harlestons was founded with the idea to combine luxury, Lowcountry living, and performance apparel. What we truly didn’t anticipate was the overwhelmingly favorable response to our brand from around the globe - attracting the attention of the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and Golfweek. Now stocked in over 650 of the highest end premier golf clubs and resorts around the country, we are proud to say we are making a splash in the world of golf and men's apparel.

Lowcountry Living, High-Quality Dressing

In Charleston, where Lowcountry living thrives, lifestyle isn’t just about attire - it’s a statement of culture and refinement. By infusing the essence of Charleston’s timeless charm into every piece, we redefine golf as not just a game, but a cornerstone of gentlemanly elegance.

Both on and off the course, we redefine style with integrity. At Harlestons, we’ve reimagined performance apparel, combining trend-ascending designs with unparalleled comfort and quality. When we launched, our goal was to close the industry gap to provide timeless style and quality craftsmanship, where every garment is a testament to sophistication and durability.

The Gentleman’s Choice

At Harlestons, we prioritize quality, fit, and durability in every garment we create. From crisp collars to tag-less merchandise and subtle logo placement, we meticulously craft each piece to seamlessly blend form and function.

However, our commitment doesn’t end there. We deeply value our customers’ input and strive to meet their needs and preferences. Your ideas matter to us, and we genuinely appreciate every email we receive. So, if you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to listen and continuously improve for you, our valued community.